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How To Write A Book: Simply Start Writing How To Write A Book: Simply Start Writing July 20 Cheap NFL Jerseys , 2013 | Author: Ronald C. Payne | Posted in Education

Want to write a book? You can. You start writing, and you keep going. At around 80,000 words, you’ve got yourself a book. Now what? You sell the book to a major publisher, hit the bestseller lists, and order your new cherry-red Ferrari. Learn More About [How to Write a Book & Become a Published Author - Brian Tracy]

That’s how writing a book and getting published works. But if you try to follow that process – just sit down and start typing – the chances that you’ll sell the book are slim. To sell your book you need to know the kind of book you’re writing before you start, and also whether there’s an audience for that kind of book. It sounds unfair, but in order to sell your book, you have to prove to the publisher that people will want to read it.

Start with an outline just like your English teacher taught you. The first part can be about who the characters are, what they do and how they are connected. The next part can be about what you where you think your story will go. Think is the key word here, because your imagination may take an unexpected path.Write. Anything and everything is game. You may want to focus only on your idea Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping , but you may find more freedom to put the idea in a different context to see where it goes from there. After you have written your story you will revise and edit. You will find many directions and then you will find the right one. And then when you are done you will revisit, edit and revise again and possibly find another direction.

Everyone has a book inside them, or so the saying goes. But few people get that book out. Often it’s because of lack of time. So, how can you get your book written inside a week or two?I was talking to a friend yesterday who complained they couldn’t find time to write their book. They had an idea, but could never find the time. They wanted to know how did I manage to get books written so quickly – was there a magic formula I used. So I told him my story and thought I’d share it here.

Reward yourself when you’re done. You need to put your manuscript aside for a few weeks, anyway. Even Stephen King follows this practice. So have a party or take a vacation. Refresh yourself before the real work, the re-writing, begins.

How do I know this will work? Because I did it myself. The original version of 101 Ways to Save Money on Healthcare was written in 100 days and on the market another 100 days later. I must have done a reasonably decent job at writing because a major publisher found the book and contracted with me for a re-release. I hope this works equally well for you.

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